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Canmore, Alberta

We are attending the  wedding of Taylor and Erin in Canmore.

The morning of the wedding  I awoke early and sat outside observing the sun rise above the Rockies.

An insight I gained is that the more connected I am to nature, creation itself, the less I need other things.


Everything I need is here 



To the spirit

Is the sight of

Tall Canadian pines

Stretching up

To a cloudless sky

So blue

It doesn’t seem real.


The sun rises slowly

Catching one face

Of a gnarled pine tree

Its needled boughs

Growing only on one side,

As though posing

For an artist.


Nourishing rays of sunshine

Fall on the smooth bark of

A white birch.

A light breeze

Breaks the stillness

Rustling the silvery leaves

Of poplars.


Suddenly a crow cries out

And I am spell-bound.


It is morning

In the Rockies.


One feels protected somehow

Encircled by contours of stone

And grey rock towers

Marking the outer limits

Of an unchanging landscape.


This rough land

Of stone and forest

Drew adventurers

Looking for riches.

Yet, when they came,

They found more

Than gold and pelts.

A comforting place

A sacred space

The companionship

Of elk and bison,

The spiritual grounding

Of earth and sky.

In other words, home.

Gifts of the wild,

Calling to me also,

Calling me

To receive

And breathe in deeply.


Everything I need is here.

Hilary Shantz

July 30, 2017











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