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My neighbour Agatha

When we moved into the neighbourhood a few years ago, we noticed an elderly lady who would spend her days outside sweeping leaves on the street.  Sadly, she is now in a retirement home, due to Altzheimers.  I miss seeing her.


My Neighbour Agatha

Too many minutes

In an hour.

I stare out the window.

More dead leaves on the street,

Shall I go and sweep them up?

Every day I clean, I clean

Did you know I worked at Sobey’s

At the deli counter

Corner of Kerr and Speers

Where the Shoppers is now?

Come closer

I tell you something

In Prussia, my father died

When I was a little girl

He wasn’t sick

It was the war, you know.

Otto lost a finger

In a machine

In Germany

Did you notice?

Dig deeper

I show you how

To divide

The hostas properly

With a shovel.

Take as many as you want.

I put the dead leaves

From the street

In my compost pile

Over there

Nobody wants them anyway

That’s why my tomatoes

Are so big

We had a cottage once

Beside a lake, see the photo?

I made a German cake today

Sit with me

I make some tea

What is your name dear?


Hilary Shantz

August 2, 2017




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